Implementing change is a process of dynamic interaction amongst a variety of people. The primary focus of our work is on the behavior and its meaning for the people involved. People like leaders, professionals, stakeholders, shareholders and staff.

Our services include Applied Research, Management & Consultancy, Training and Education, Auditing and Facilitating Partnerships.

We have developed a practical and goal-oriented approach translated into a toolkit ‘The Change Express™’. We develop real-life business cases within the context of the organization’s core values and their day-to-day business. These business cases benefit us, the clients and participants of Change Management programs. Through management games and simulations knowledge and experience is being shared amongst the participants.

Today the biggest challenge is to reduce the lead time of innovation processes and to manage the resulting change in your organization. We train people to shift paradigms and feel comfortable in a new world with a flexible mindset.

During a Change Management program, we create a pool of Change Ambassadors who can take it further. To reach the organization’s next destination, one has to translate the process of progress into milestones and sign posts. You would want to measure the progress.

So, through different roles, we will learn you how to manage a change process from end-to-end: real-life business cases, management games, events, e-learning and learning on-the-job with our ‘change’ tools under our guidance. Enjoy Change!



»Episode 4: Foot in the door

As the waiter passed by me, he handed me a Kir Royal along with a yellow note. Curious with eyebrows raised I took a sip of my drink...

»Episode 3: Keeping doors closed

Mr. King held his breath, started to look angry and decided to ignore my statements with a facial expression that read ‘I do...

»Episode 2: Knocking on inner doors

‘Well Mr. King, I’d like to answer your question with another question if you don’t mind’. He nodded in...

»Episode 1: Hello, how are you Mr. King?

‘Yes George, you can park the car here in front of the entrance. I’ll see you in one, one and a half hours and please...


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