The Change Express™

‘The Change Express’ works with 7 fundamental steps. Each move will bring you closer to your goal of a profitable organization in a challenging environment.  


Because business is about people. People who open their hearts and minds to change, their actions become more thorough, more creative and more reflective. Isn’t that what we all want? Well then, pack your bags, and join us in this journey of change where you will pick up different tools from the toolkit as you traverse through different lands. But where is the journey headed? Everybody feels attracted to a bright horizon in which different scenarios exist. Choose, focus and decide! A clear destination can trigger people’s dreams. They all want to add value to the journey before reaching the final destination. We will help you draw the roadmap, a roadmap made by your company’s heart - your team. So let’s start the engine and move. Both your knowledge and your change experience will prepare you as you make it happen as well as sustain it.

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Enjoy Change


»Episode 4: Foot in the door

As the waiter passed by me, he handed me a Kir Royal along with a yellow note. Curious with eyebrows raised I took a sip of my drink...

»Episode 3: Keeping doors closed

Mr. King held his breath, started to look angry and decided to ignore my statements with a facial expression that read ‘I do...

»Episode 2: Knocking on inner doors

‘Well Mr. King, I’d like to answer your question with another question if you don’t mind’. He nodded in...

»Episode 1: Hello, how are you Mr. King?

‘Yes George, you can park the car here in front of the entrance. I’ll see you in one, one and a half hours and please...


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